Cargo trucks come in various types and configurations to meet different transportation needs. Here’s a list of common cargo truck types:

  1. Box Truck (Straight Truck): Enclosed trucks with a box-like cargo area, ideal for transporting goods that require protection from the elements and security. They come in various sizes.
  2. Flatbed Truck: Open trucks with a flat, open cargo area and no sides or roof, suitable for transporting oversized or irregularly shaped cargo.
  3. Curtainside Truck: These trucks have flexible side curtains that can be drawn back for easy loading and unloading of cargo, combining the benefits of a flatbed and an enclosed truck.
  4. Refrigerated Truck (Reefer): Equipped with a refrigeration unit to transport temperature-sensitive cargo, like perishable food and pharmaceuticals.
  5. Stake Truck: Similar to a flatbed but with removable side panels and a flatbed that includes stakes along the sides to secure cargo.
  6. Dump Truck: Specifically designed for transporting and dumping loose materials, such as sand, gravel, and construction debris, with a hydraulic bed that tilts for unloading.
  7. Tanker Truck: These trucks transport liquids or gases, such as fuel, chemicals, water, and milk, in specialized tanks.
  8. Parcel Delivery Van: Compact vans often used for courier services and local deliveries, designed to carry small packages and parcels.
  9. Step Van: Walk-in delivery vans with a low step at the entrance, commonly used for delivery services, food trucks, and mail delivery.
  10. Panel Van: Closed vans with a box-like cargo area, commonly used for urban deliveries, catering services, and service vehicles.
  11. Cargo Van: Larger enclosed vans with a cargo area, often used for transporting goods and equipment.
  12. Bucket Truck (Cherry Picker): Equipped with a crane or bucket to reach elevated areas, typically used for tree trimming, utility work, and maintenance.
  13. Roll-Off Truck: Designed to transport roll-off containers used in waste disposal and construction projects, allowing for easy container loading and unloading.
  14. Crane Truck: Equipped with a crane for lifting and moving heavy or oversized cargo, often used in construction and materials handling.
  15. Garbage Truck: Specifically designed for collecting and transporting waste and recyclables, with various types including rear loaders, front loaders, and side loaders.
  16. Fire Truck: Emergency response vehicles equipped with firefighting equipment and tools, including ladder trucks, pumper trucks, and rescue trucks.
  17. Recovery Truck (Wrecker): Designed for towing and recovering disabled or damaged vehicles, often used for roadside assistance.
  18. Concrete Mixer Truck: Specialized trucks used to transport ready-mix concrete to construction sites, with a rotating drum to keep the concrete mixture agitated.
  19. Bucket Truck (Cherry Picker): Fitted with an extendable boom and bucket for reaching elevated areas, often used for tree trimming and maintenance.
  20. Logging Truck: Designed for transporting cut timber and logs, with a long cargo bed and often equipped with stakes to secure the logs.

These are some of the common cargo truck types, each tailored to specific cargo and transportation needs. The choice of truck type depends on the cargo, industry, and intended use.

Cargo truck types
Cargo truck types