Haulage of Marine Containers – Seamless Land Transport to Baltic and CIS Countries

Welcome to our specialized marine container haulage services, ensuring efficient and reliable land transport to Baltic and CIS countries. As a trusted logistics partner, we seamlessly bridge the gap between ports and inland destinations, providing tailored solutions for your cargo. Haulage of marine containers by land to Baltic and CIS countries is organized on daily basis. We deliver containers not only within Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, but arrange delivery to Ukraine, Kazakstan ir Uzbekistan. 

Our Services:

  1. Efficient Land Transport: We specialize in the haulage of marine containers, offering efficient and timely transportation to Baltic and CIS regions.
  2. Tailored Solutions: Our services are customized to meet the specific requirements of your cargo, ensuring a seamless journey from port to destination.
  3. Baltic and CIS Connectivity: With a strategic focus on Baltic and CIS countries, we provide a well-connected network for land transport, optimizing your supply chain.
  4. Reliability: Count on us for reliable haulage services, backed by a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to timely deliveries.

Why Choose Us:

  1. Expertise: Our team has extensive experience in container haulage, ensuring the secure and efficient transport of your cargo.
  2. Versatility: From standard containers to specialized units, we handle a diverse range of marine containers to meet your shipping needs.
  3. Customs Clearance: We navigate customs procedures seamlessly, facilitating the smooth transition of your cargo across borders.
  4. Technology Integration: Utilizing advanced tracking and monitoring systems, we provide real-time visibility into the movement of your containers.

Connect Your Cargo to Baltic and CIS Countries:

Choose our marine container haulage services for a reliable and efficient connection between ports and inland destinations in Baltic and CIS countries. Experience seamless logistics with a partner committed to the success of your cargo journey. Contact us today to discuss your specific haulage requirements and discover the ease of working with a trusted logistics provider.

Our freight forwarders arrange container release and  prepare of a complete package of documentation for haulage of your container.

Our customs brokers will issue neccesary documents:

  • T1 declaration;
  • T2L declaration,
  • CMR;
  • Waybill;
  • Phytosanitary certificate;
  • Veterinary import or transit document.

We can transport:

  • All types of marine containers;
  • very heavy containers;
  • REF containers with temperature control;
  • dangerous goods (ADR);
  • oversized containers.

Explore the possibilities with Onze and experience a new standard in container haulage to the Baltic and CIS countries. Contact us today to discuss your transportation needs and let us be your reliable partner in global logistics. Our experienced team will offer excellent value for money for container haulage services.

Contact us today.