International container shipping

International container shipping is arangen shipping goods in a marine container. Marine containers are standardized. Their lenght vary, but mostly used containers are – 20′, 40′ or 45′ feet.

The haulage by full containers also means that all the goods in the container are mentioned a single consignment note (Bill of lading) and belong to one party. And it doesn’t matter how many cargo is loaded into the container. Freight payment is made per full container.

In general containerization increases by 3- 4 percent annually, allows goods to be transported to anyplace in the world. Now it is possible pick up cargo from shippers warehouse even next day after booking is made. Transit times vary from weeks to several month, and it depends on route, container type, shipping line or delivery methood.

Containers could be picked up using road transport or railway, and thereafter shipped by sea and delivered to final destination using road or railway transport as well.

Benefits of full container loads (FCL):

  • faster transit time compared to LCL;
  • faster customs clearance ,
  • availability of several container lines;
  • variety of routing and sailing dates;
  • less transhipments and damages;
  • no possibiliy to lose cargo or part of the cargo at transshipment terminals;
  • individual sealed container for your cargo.

How do we work

We have service contracts with all container carriers and, thanks to extremely good relations and large quantities of cargo, we can offer you very competitive prices. We know the container freight trends, equipment supply demand changes.

We are also analyze vessel utilization data, we check space availability regulary, so we know times sea carriers have lots of free space on feeder and ocean vessels. We also use international partner networks to consolidate container flows, thus we get a better freight comparining you would get directly from container lines.

Goods we carry

We carry general cargoes, palletized goods, bulk products, oversized cargoes and temperature-sensitive goods.

Transport of full containers (FCL) by land

We have negotiated annual contracts with container hauliers and provide them with contant cargo flow. As we manage import cargo to Latvia, we can offer a competitive price for the return container. We organize shipments within Baltic states and cIS countries.

We carry very heavy containers

We arrange haulage of heavy containers in Latvia. We use three-axle truck in a combination with lightweight three-axle container semi-trailer. So we can cary heavy containers with cargo weight up to 29 t.

Why us?

  • competitive sea freight;
  • deferral of payment;
  • variety services;
  • best service;
  • customs brokerage;
  • usage of returning containers.

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